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The MarteMeoAssessment

Artikel-Nr.: MMZ003e
MarteMeoAssessment helps to assess and develope parenting skills of high risk parents. MarteMeoAssessment is practical and ressource oriented. MarteMeoAssessment allows to make sustainable decisions based on tangible information. Step by step, solutions are found together which center on the children‘s needs.

For years, we‘ve opened our home for parents (mostly mothers) and their children and have often witnessed remarkable processes of development. MarteMeoAssessement is the method we developed based on these experiences and our work with MarteMeo. The MarteMeoAssessment allows us to make a reliable analysis of the current situation in a parent-child relationship and to find out about the parents capacity for development.
This DVD shows MarteMeoAssessment as work in progress and follows the process of development of a single case. In this new edition we also included new video clips filmed after three years of continuous work with MarteMeoAssessment.

AutorIn:  Terry und Paul Hofmann-Witschi
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